API Docs Generator


Documentation creation based on phpdoc annotations:


namespace App\Http\Procedures;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Sajya\Server\Annotations\Param;
use Sajya\Server\Annotations\Result;
use Sajya\Server\Procedure;

class MathProcedure extends Procedure
     * The name of the procedure that will be
     * displayed and taken into account in the search
     * @var string
    public static string $name = 'math';

     * Execute the procedure.
     * @Param(name="minuend", value="required|integer")
     * @Param(name="subtrahend", value="required|integer")
     * @Result(name="outcome", value="required|integer")
    public function subtract(Request $request): array
        return [
            'outcome' => $request->get('minuend') - $request->get('subtrahend'),

Using annotations Param and Result, you can specify the expected key's name and description.

Note. Importing annotation classes is required.

To specify array elements or nesting, use dot notation, for example:

@Param(name="server.title", value="required|string|max:255")

Generating HTML

Run the documentations generator command from the root directory:

php artisan sajya:docs 'Route name'

By default, the file will be saved storage/app/api/docs.html, but you can change both path and filename with options:

php artisan sajya:docs rpc.endpoint --path='/api/v1/' --name="index.html"